The Case Study published on Facebook for Business talks about the collaboration between the project Tiki Goes With Vietnamese Stars and Facebook solutions, contributing to positive business deliverables for new products from Maybelline.

Success story

Tiki is the first partner in APAC to successfully partner with Facebook in MV-Commerce campaign, which takes advantage of music video to be generated into an ads campaign on Facebook in order to attract target customers and increase sales on e-commerce platform.

Case Study published on Facebook for Business for MV-Commerce campaign between Tiki Goes With Vietnamese Stars and Facebook

The campaign lasted for 17 days, relying on scenes presenting new lipstick products from Maybelline in the music video “Co nhu khong co” by singer Hien Ho, along with making use of Facebook ads tools to maximally approach female customers from 18-30 located in Vietnam. This campaign greatly contributes to generating sales for new lipstick products from Maybelline in the last 12.12 sales campaign.

Some highlight deliverables could be listed as below:

  • 7x lift in purchases during the campaign period
  • 17% lift in incremental app installs
  • 5x lift in return on ad spend for app purchase
  • 2x lift in return on ad spend for website purchase
  • 3x lift in sales for Maybelline

Seeing these positive deliverables, Ms. Vu Thi Nhat Linh, Vice President of Managed Marketplace at Tiki said: “Our music initiative helps support Vietnamese artists, but also offers the possibility of creating meaningful brand collaborations. Collaborative Ads are a great way to engage our audience and are effective for brands to highlight specific products. This campaign has demonstrated how a creative approach with a branded music video can drive business value and help reengage fans.

"This campaign is a new initiative leveraging music videos as an impactful e-commercial solution. It is an effective business collaboration model beneficial for influencers, brands and platforms. We hope that this innovative framework started in Vietnam will scale to more brands”, said Mr. Kyo Seo, Facebook Creative Shop APAC.

Watch the full Case Study content HERE.

Tiki Goes With Vietnamese Stars and more

Tiki Goes With Vietnamese Stars has made an explosion in the Vietnam music market with the images of Tiki shippers and boxes appropriately embedded in over 80 music videos.

Image of Tiki shipper in the MV of singer Hien Ho

After nearly 1 year since launched, this brand campaign has accomplished more than 2 billion views, 300-400 million user reach, 37 music videos on Top Youtube Trending and 16 music videos on Top 1 Youtube Trending. “Tiki desires to become a brand who not only fulfills all shopping demands of Vietnamese but also creates spiritual values for our customers. Tiki Goes With Vietnamese Stars is the first step to actualize that desire”, said Mr. Bui Ngoc Hien, Brand and Communications Manager at Tiki.

The success story of this MV-Commerce with Facebook helps Tiki Goes With Vietnamese Stars prove efficient in terms of both brand communications and business partnership opportunities, making an usual music video become an effective MV-Commerce.