The network now leads the podcast industry in Vietnam as audiences look for high-quality multimedia content in new formats. Vietcetera’s podcasts series are now all chart topping shows with audiences averaging as much as a 71% retention rate and accumulating more than two million downloads a month on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. 

It’s audience on video channels are also growing more than 10% each month. Starting from its roots as an editorial website, its network-wide audience has now grown more than 38x from 2019 to 2021. 

Hao Tran, CEO at Vietcetera shares: “We’ve grown from a bootstrapped team of two to nearly 100 full time staff over the last five years. We build together with the singular mission to bring Vietnam to the world, and the world to Vietnam. We aim to achieve that mission by delivering the best multimedia content available for Gen Z and Millennials in Vietnam across innovative formats and concepts”

An example of how Vietcetera develops unique properties around content is its new series called Coi Mo. The series explores sex education and health, finding a loyal Gen Z audience along the way. ‘Young people, especially in Vietnam, are curious about this topic, but they often lack sources and trusted mentors that can share honest guidance,’ says Hao. Originally an editorial-only series, the success of Coi Mo has led to a podcast and a web series, and to commercial success through sponsorship deals with Durex, the global condom maker. Next year’s new season of Coi Mo will continue the deal with Durex.

Other shows continuing into 2022 include Vietnam Innovators, the network’s flagship business show featuring host and CEO Hao Tran. Vietcetera meets with business leaders every week to discuss the country’s future growth prospects and why they think innovation will be key to Vietnam’s role in the world order. Sponsors making this show possible include HSBC, KPMG, and AIA. Guests from the show have shared an uptick in job applications to increased positive outreach from other industry leaders who follow the show.

Vietcetera's leadership team: Hao Tran, Thuy Minh, Guy Truong

Have A Sip, hosted by Chief Content Officer Thuy Minh, has become one of the top lifairyle shows in Vietnam, topping the charts in Vietnam for downloads on Spotify and Apple Podcast each week. Featuring guests such as singers Soobin and Ha Anh Tuan to business leaders like Thai Van Linh, Have A Sip continues to command a large following of Gen Z and Millennials who want an inside look at their idols and how they lead their lives and careers. 

“We will be releasing up to four new podcasts and shows each quarter in 2022. Presenting useful content for Gen Z and Millennials is our focus. Expect informational and entertaining content about personal finance, relationships, and careers - all topics that are top of mind for young people,” shared CCO Thuy Minh

Shows that the network is rolling out next year include ​​The Internship. The reality show will feature graduating university students, college dropouts, and young people who are looking for new career opportunities. The show follows these interns as they go through a special internship program at different companies and complete various challenges at work. Others include an architecture and real estate show, Blueprint, “Thang Tien” about career development, “Ai Dien O Dau Khi Nao” about entertainment.

More details will be shared at the first Vietcetera Content Fair for its new line up of innovative shows, podcasts, and more in 2022.

The registration-required Vietcetera Content fair will serve as a preview to brands and marketers looking to engage Gen Z and Millennials within the Vietcetera ecosystem as well as offer early bird sponsorship opportunities for our newest and most popular content. The webinar will be hosted on 6 January 2022. You can find the registration page HERE